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Explosive Sweet Freezer Razors and Pyramid Studies


A collision of the spiritual and the visceral, the heart-warming and the horrific. You haven't read anything like this before.

Explosive Sweet Freezer Razors is a 244 page collection of 10 abstract comics unlike anything you'll have read before. Manifest as paper it has a soft cover and is A5, a mighty slab of wonder. 8 of the comics included are full colour, the other two are black & white.

Pyramid Studies is a bewildering rush of abstract narratives. Created from the parts of the Explosive Sweet Freezer Razors project which didn’t fit neatly into the 10-part structure of the collection, Pyramid Studies supports and recontextualises its parent book.

Each of the stories in Explosive Sweet Freezer Razors, including Pyramid Studies, is a combination of the fantastic and the mundane, told within and against a background of vivid and uncompromised abstract art.

Some of the stories have previously been released relatively widely; others were released in extremely limited, hand-bound editions; some are being printed for the first time in this collection.

THE BONES OF THE SEA is about the place that exists after the end of the world, and it’s also about apples, sandwiches, and waiting in car parks.

NOTHING gives us glimpses into the lives of 65 different people, and reality crashing shut after them.

A HILL TO CRY HOME is about ghosts, and baths.

PETALBURN is about the last great night out you’ll have.

THUNDERS is about having your hair cut, trying veganism, and experiencing time slips after an alien abduction.

MOON PUKE tells the story of Jonathan as he swims in the energy of empty car parks.

THE HUM is the hypnotic and fractured retelling of a totally normal weekend at home.

THE CHILDREN OF THE VALLEY follows a landscape as it’s twisted and forced out of shape by unseen forces.

In NOT THIS HOUSE you’ll meet a ghost, and the house that it haunts

And in TUESDAY'S SALTED CURSE you’ll follow the dance of a group of witches as they finally murder a ruined world.